Christian Giving

Christian Giving at St Andrew’s

At St Andrew’s we make two financial appeals to the congregation in a normal year. In December we make our annual appeal for others which in 2015 was for three charities working overseas and one Leeds based charity. We regularly raise around £14,000 for our chosen charities.

In or around February each year we make an appeal for the annual costs which we as a church incur. We ask members to consider carefully what they can afford to give and to make a promise to give that amount usually on a monthly basis by standing order directly to the church bank account. That’s why we don’t pass the plate around on a Sunday morning. If you would like to consider making a regular or one off donation to St Andrew’s please contact our treasurer at

Following are some details on how our money is spent. On our Home Page you will also find a link to our page at the Charity Commission website where you can see our latest filed accounts.

Our regular outgoings total about £150,000 per annum. Our 2016 budget can be summarised as follows.

2016 Budget

  • £67,821 Premises and admin
  • £23,500 Fabric
  • £14,000 Welcome Project
  • £1,000 Loan repayments
  • £62,028 Ministry and Mission

Fabric covers the routine maintenance of our buildings which are the church, the manse and an investment property.

Loan repayments are the final repayments this year on a previous loan we took out for the sanctuary redevelopment some years ago.

Premises usage and administration are the routine costs of keeping our buildings open and available for use, insurance, electricity, gas, cleaning and some administration costs like printing for notices, magazines etc.

Ministry and wider work is our contribution to the wider work of the URC nationally through the Ministry and Mission Fund allocation. This money is used to support the work of the church nationally, for example, central staffing costs, supporting ministry for smaller less viable churches, special category ministers working in chaplaincy and evangelism roles are just some examples of this. As we are one of the largest churches in the country our charge for this is high, but it includes the stipend paid to our minister by the URC centrally.

Welcome Project is an expected contribution from our general funds to some work we are planning on our car park entrance and vestibule. There will be a separate budget for this work. So how much does this mean people should be giving to support the work of the church? There is no all-inclusive answer to this question as everyone’s personal circumstances are different. All we ask is that donors think prayerfully about the importance of their faith and the place of St Andrew’s in their lives and then decide on the appropriate level of giving, taking into account the fact that they may also be supporting other charities which are important to them.

Finally, and very importantly, please remember that if you are a UK taxpayer the church can reclaim 25p from the government, out of your taxes, for every £1 you donate.